Open SET File in Windows – Programs, How to view and convert online

3WayPack definition and 14 other types and linked programs information


How to open set files

The File extension set is used by the following type(s):



It is used by 3WayPack. Could by edited by text editor.Programs
that open set files in windows:NotePad++ text editor


Alpha Five set data dictionary files

The set’s data dictionary, which contains lists of additional set objects such as Layouts (forms, browses, etc.), report designs, saved and operations.

Programs that open a set file:

  • Alpha Five (Windows)


AutoCAD LT set 



  • AutoCAD LT (Microsoft Windows)


BPM Studio encrypted user information

It is used by BPM Studio. Encrypted user information.


  • BPM Studio (Microsoft Windows)



Various applications for configuration files.


Corel Painter settings

It is used by Corel Painter for its settings files.Programs
that open set files in Windows and MAC OS

  • Corel Painter
  • Corel Painter for Mac (Apple OS X)


Diablo II character set

Diablo II. Character set – game .


  • Diablo II


Mastercam setup sheet template files

The SET file extension is associated with Mastercam, a 3D CAM software, developed by CNC Software, Inc..

The .set files contain setup sheet templates.


  • Mastercam


Microsoft Backup set

It was used for files created by MSBACKUP.exe program in old Microsoft Windows 98 operating system.


  • Microsoft Windows


Nikon Capture settings files

File extension is used by Nikon Capture. Settings file for Nikon RAW files.


  • Capture NX (Microsoft Windows)


Setup data or info

The set file is used by various installation applications for storing specific settings or data relevant to the installation or setup procedure.


Sibelius sound set definition files

Sibelius. It contains sound set definition.


  • Sibelius (multiplatform software)


XANA Web Browser configuration files

The File extension is used by XANA. Configuration file.


  • XANA (Windows)


Xerox Document Library property set files

The SET suffix is associated with the Xerox Document Library. It contains property settings.