Open SHS File format – Programs and How to

Microsoft Windows Shell Scrap Object files definition and 2 other file types and linked programs information.

How to open SHS Files

The File extension shs is used by the following type(s):

  • Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows)
  • Microsoft Word (Microsoft Windows)
type 1 description:
Default for .shs file type:
Microsoft Windows Shell Scrap Object files
The SHS file extension is associated with Microsoft Windows Shell Scrap Objects. The scrap file is a special OLE object and is not a readable file.

You cannot open an .shs file nor can you insert it into another document (for example, you cannot insert it by using the File command on the Insert menu in Word). To place a scrap into a document or workbook, you must drag it to the document. However, you can rename the scrap object or move it from one directory to another just as you can rename or move an ordinary file.

In Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel applications, you can drag and drop selected document text, drawing objects, and graphics to the Windows desktop. A desktop icon is created for the scrap files, along with a file located in the Windows\Desktop subfolder with an SHS extension. This file is a native program document that contains the information that was selected and dragged onto the Windows desktop. If you select and delete the desktop icon, the corresponding SHS file will also be deleted. You can select and drag a scrap file on the desktop into another document.

The Word for Windows scrap file document contains margin settings of 0 (zero) inches. When you drag the scrap document into another Word document, the scrap file conforms to the page setup of the existing Word document; thus, only the contents of the scrap file are transferred into the Word document.

An Internet virus that comes as an e-mail attachment or Web site download with an SHS extension. SHS files are Windows OLE “scrap files,” which act as containers, or packages, for a variety of contents, including executable code.

If run the program or script within the SHS files, it can do almost anything. The file tricks people because it does not use an obvious, executable extension such as EXE or VBS.

The *.shs files are, like many other formats, hidden in Windows by default. To enable file extension viewing in Windows, open Windows Explorer and choose “Tools” – “Folder Options” – “View or Tools” – “Folder Options” – “File Types”, locate the desired files type(desired and choose Advanced. Then check the box next to “Always Show Extension”.


type 2 description:
Microsoft Windows 95/98 clipboard files
SHS file suffix is related to Microsoft Windows Clipboard in earlier versions of Microsoft Windows.
that open shs files:
  • Microsoft Windows.