Open SRT File format – Programs, How to view and convert online

Movie subtitle format (SubRip format) definition and 6 other types and linked programs information.


How to open SRT Files


The File extension srt is used by the following type(s):

Default file extension for .srt type: Movie subtitle files format (SubRip format)

SRT file suffix is related to movie subtitle text files widely supported in media players. Usually used for localization purposes on movies without dabbing.Programs
that open srt files:

  • Aegisub(multiplatform)
  • Bistec (Apple OS X)
  • BS.Player
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector
  • FFDShow (Windows)
  • Gaupol Subtitle Editor (Microsoft Windows)
  • Gnome Subtitles (Linux)
  • Jubler subtitle editor (multiplatform software)
  • KMPlayer Microsoft Windows)
  • Miyu Subtitler(Apple OS X)
  • NotePad++ text editor
  • Subcleaner (Apple OS X)
  • Submerge (Apple OS X)
  • SubRip
  • Subs Factory
  • Subtitle Edit
  • Subtitle Editor (Linux)
  • Subtitle Workshop (Microsoft Windows)
  • SubtitleCreator
  • TextEdit (Apple OS X)
  • VLC media player
  • VLC media player for Linux (Linux)
  • VLC media player for Mac
  • VobSub


Omron CX-Supervisor files

It is used by specialised hardware or software.


Sagem ringtone format

SAGEM file suffix is associated with mobile phones developed by Sagem. File contains ringtone.


Siemens mobile phone C60 sound files

The SRT file extension is used by C60 and other compatible Siemens mobile phones for their default sound files.


Skymap data files

The SRT file extension is used by applications developed by Skymap software.


WebSRT movie subtitle files format

WebSRT (Web Resource Subtitle Tracks) is the successor of the popular SubRip subtitle format. WebSRT is approved by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group as a standard subtitle file format for the proposed HTML5 “track” element. WebSRT is similar to SubRip subtitle format, but not fully compatible with it. WebSRT shares the same SRT file extension with SubRip subtitle format.Programs
that open srt files:

  • NotePad++ text editor (Microsoft Windows)
  • TextEdit (Apple OS X)