How to open an STP file and convert online

stp Adobe Acrobat Exchange plug-in file definition and 10 other types and linked programs information.

The STP format means step application protocol.


How to open STP Files

File extension stp is used by following type(s):

Adobe Acrobat Exchange plug-in files

The file extension stp is used by Adobe Acrobat Exchange for plug-in files. Plug-ins add additional features to Adobe applications.

Programs that open stp files:


Analysis Studio project information files

The STP suffix is associated with the Analysis Studio. It contains project schema and project objects.

that open stp files:

  • Analysis Studio (Microsoft Windows)


DART Pro 98 system settings files

DART produces award-winning audio restoration and noise reduction software products for users of all levels. Settings.

Programs that open stp files:

  • DART (Microsoft Windows)


EC997 Dyno Test step test

It is used by EC997 Dyno Test. Specialised applications and accessories for car tuning. Created by Factory pro.


FScruiser setup files

It is used by FScruiser. Setup file.


  • FScruiser


ISO-10303 STEP product data files

It is associated with STEP, a ISO standard for the computer-interpretable representation and exchange of industrial product data.

STEP formats are used for exchange data between CAD, Computer-aided manufacturing, Computer-aided engineering, Product Data Management/EDM and other CAx systems.

STEP is addressing product data from mechanical and electrical design, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, analysis and manufacturing, with additional information specific to various industries such as automotive, aerospace, building construction, ship, oil and gas, process plants and others.

A .stp file contains ASCII text based 3D data in ISO-10303 standard.

MIME: application/step

Programs that open stp files:

  • AutoCAD
  • CATIA (Microsoft Windows)
  • Creo Parametric
  • ZEMAX (Microsoft Windows)


Microsoft SharePoint services template

It is used by Microsoft SharePoint. Services template file.

STP Software:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server


NASCAR Racing track picture

It is used by computer game NASCAR Racing. Track picture.

STP Applications:

  • NASCAR Racing


PageKeeper packed storage files

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SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager project files

It is used by SYSTRAN. It contains Translation Project Manager project.


  • SYSTRAN Home Translator (Microsoft Windows)

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