How to Open a TMP File in Word and Excel


What is a temporary file? Opening TMP Files? If you have a File with the .TMP Extension you need specific programs that can edit, view and convert this format type.

Specific software like a file editor, viewer, file opener or reader can view temporary files.



What is a .TMP File in windows

A tmp file type in Windows is information that stores in a temporary file with the .tmp file extension.

Temporary files store information in the short term if the operating system or an application can not allocate sufficient memory for all its tasks.

Applications and operating systems often generate temporary files, objects and tmp files specific to a session. Which means that they are created and used only during the current use of an application or operating system. Windows removes temporary objects and tmp files created by the itself when the computer shuts down, as do most applications that use temporary suffix.

A tmp folder or temporary folder is data that windows stores in short term. Temporary files are usually created during a process and deleted at the end of it.


Programs to Open TMP Files

The first step is to use the double click method or tap in the file icon. If windows finds a program associated with the file extension It will launch it. If it doesn’t recognise it it means you don’t have installed the software needed for a temporary file in your PC or mobile device.


Microsoft Notepad



Notepad Plus

notepad plus


Microsoft PowerPoint

microsoft powerpoint

Microsoft Word

microsoft word


Microsoft Excel

microsoft excel


VLC Media player

The video, images and audio temporary files can be played with VLC media player.



There are many browsers than can view and restore a tmp file. They are tipically paused or cancelled downloads that the browser keep in .tmp extension


How to Open TMP files



A temporary file can always be viewed using the notepad and Notepad plus  application; however, depending on the type, temporary objects may not be readable.

  1. First, right-click on the .tmp file.
  2. Then, select “Open”.
  3. Then, choose “Notepad” from the list of available programs.
  4. Finally, click on the “Accept” option.


Other software, apps and programs.


How to Open a tmp file In Microsoft Word

  1. Rename the temporary file to .doc or .docx
  2. Secondly, launch microsoft word
  3. On the file menu, select open then look for the .doc or .docx.file


You can do it in windows and MAC.


How to Open a tmp file in Microsoft Excel

  1. Rename the .tmp files to .xls or .xlsx
  2. Then, launch microsoft excel
  3. In the file menu select Open
  4. Look for thexlr or xlsx filenad click on it.


Open with Microsoft Powerpoint

  1. You can view it in PowerPoint with these steps.
  2. First, rename the .tmp files to .ppt or .pptx
  3. Launch Powerpoint
  4. Click on File – Open
  5. Select the renamed .ppt or .pptx file


Open TMP File with VLC Media player

  1. Launch VLC media player
  2. Click on Media
  3. Select Open FIle
  4. Select All files
  5. Now put the temporary file location
  6. You can restore your tmp file clicking on Open


Types of TMP Extensions

The file extension tmp is used by following type(s):


Default type: Temporary file

The suffix is related to the temporary files used in Microsoft Windows.


AZZ Cardfile RTF data 

It is associated with the AZZ Cardfile application.
  • AZZ Cardfile (Windows)


AZZ Cardfile text data 

It is associated with the AZZ Cardfile application.


  • AZZ Cardfile (Windows)


IMail Server web messaging 

IMail Server Web Messaging or Mail to Beeper/Pager or Mail to Fax File


  • Imail Server¬†(Windows)


Nero WaveEditor peak 

It contains the volume peaks in edited sounds, audio object. Created, when the object is managed by Nero WaveEditor.


  • Nero WaveEditor (Windows)


Norton AntiVirus backed up 

It is associated with the Norton Antivirus application.

Software openers:

  • Norton Antivirus¬†(Windows)


SafeDisc format

It is associated with Safedisc, a CD/DVD copy protection and digital rights management program for Windows applications and games, developed by Macrovision Corporation. The tmp used by SafeDisc version 1 and 2 are located on the game disk or game directory, such as 00000001.TMP.


SWAT temperature input

It is associated with the SWAT (Soil & Water Assessment Tool). Temperature input contains daily measured maximum and minimum temperatures for a measuring gage(s).


  • SWAT (Windows)

TMP file format

A temporary file with that ending is a type that is used as a temporary solution. Temporary files occur more frequently in the installation of a program. These temporary are created and stored until the program has completely installed all its applications.


Related extensions



Storage information

These  are used to store things in the programs before the information is stored correctly. For example, if you are writing something in a file, it will be saved on the computer as a temporary file until it is saved manually with a name and a .doc.

Although most can not be opened in reality, one created for a Word document can usually be viewed by same program.



A type of .tmp has no effect on the execution of a program once it has been installed. It is only during the installation that some applications use the temporary files to prevent the memory from becoming saturated.



Files with tmp format can be found on Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Some installation programs will delete temporary objects when they are finished. While others will leave them on the computer until they are manually deleted.



Although the temporal do not damage a computer, there have been memory resident viruses created with that format. There are also times when these are still being used by a system that has not completed the installation.

Do not open or delete one with this file format before know where it comes from and what it does.


How to convert a TMP File online converter

There is not any universal online converter but you can change it to another format easily.

There is no need of converters just rename it yourself.


Conversion to MP4 file

  1. First, rename the suffix to .Mp4
  2. Then, no need of converter, just try to play it with your mp4 player


Conversion to PDF file

  1. First, rename the suffix to .pdf
  2. Then, don’t need a converter, try to view it with your pdf reader.
  3. You can also do it online here


Conversion to DOC file

  1. First, rename the suffix to .doc or .docx
  2. Then, try to view with your doc viewer or Microsoft Word.


Conversion to JPG file

  1. First, rename the suffix to .jpg or .jpeg
  2. Then, try to view with your jpg viewer.


Conversion to mp3 file

  1. First, rename the suffix to .mp3
  2. Then, try to play it with your mp3 player.



How to delete a tmp file, is it safe?

You shouldn’t delete tmp files or folders unless you are sure the process that created it have finished. You may be deleting important data.

Sometimes not deleting automatically use a lot of hard disk space.

But,before you remove it you must ensure there are not related to any important process. Is it not safe to remove it. If you are unsure don’t remove it.


Problems opening TMP Files: Can’t open

If you experience problems with it, windows raises a message: “Microsoft Windows can’t open this file

Ensure you follow the next  opening tips:

  1. Ensure the extension is properly associated with the software when you double click on the file.
  2. Check that you have installed at least one of the programs need to manage these files.
  3. Update the program to get the last version of the opener.
  4. Ensure you have all the computer privileges, you are admin or you have all needed privileges.
  5. Try other openers


I get a fatal error: could not open lock file “/tmp/.s.pgsql.5432.lock”: permission denied

This is a problem related to the posgress app. The solution is to restart. You can find the detailed solution here.


About .TMP extension

In we explain what is a file with the .tmp suffix, how to edit, view, open and convert it.

The temporary files format can be viewed with the programs above in windows, mac and linux.

Contact us through the contact page if you have additional information, comment or need help about the temporary File or software related.

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