How do you Open a Torrent File online in Windows and MAC

  • Extension: .TORRENT
  • File type: miscellaneous
  • Description: bit torrent format
  • Developer: bittorrent
  • Format: binary
  • MIME: application/x-bittorrent


Problems Opening TORRENT Files? If you have a File with the .TORRENT Extension you need specific programs that can open, edit, view and convert this format type. Specific software like an editor, viewer or reader.


What is a .TORRENT file

A torrent file is a metadata format that contain information of the distributed files and folders.

Talking about P2P (Peer-to-peer) networks and torrent files always causes a certain controvers. This is since this technology moves on the razor’s edge on the fine line that divides the shared use of legal content.

From that which is distributed illegally causing serious economic damage to its creators. We have compiled some of the best legal websites to download free files and torrents. Test it and find your torrent file.

Programs to Open PART Files

To open torrent file you have to get a torrent client and search for the files.

P2P networks are a type of connection that establish a direct contact between the user who demands a certain file and the download server where that file is located. So that there are no intermediaries and it is not necessary to upload the file in question to any server. exchange.

This technology uses the torrent files that contain the necessary data and configurations. So that the download server and the computer that has the P2P client installed, such as uTorrent or BitTorrent, establish the connection and the download of the file starts. Without this torrent file, the download would be totally impossible.

This makes P2P technology an excellent tool for sharing large files. Since it is not necessary to move it from your computer to share it with other people.

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent is one of the companies that has contributed most in the diffusion and use of P2P technology thanks to the client that bears the same name.

This company includes BitTorrent Now in its product catalog. A portal of free public and legal content that you can download through torrent files using your P2P client or play streaming from the BitTorrent Now platform itself without the need to register.

In BitTorrent Now you will find mainly music files, videos and content from independent creators. As well as links to their respective pages to contribute with the creation of new content.

This platform also offers you the possibility to publish your work as a torrent file and disseminate it through P2P networks so that more people can enjoy your talent.


2. Public Domain Torrents

Not all Hollywood movies are subject to copyright. Many film classics have been declared of public interest because of their importance for the development of the seventh art and industry.

Public Domain Torrent is a portal where you will find torrents files to download free and legal movies under license for public use.

While it is true that its appearance is somewhat austere, browsing its different sections you will find authentic gems of classic cinema in all genres, as well as some cult titles of series B.


3. Internet Archive

Internet Archive works in a similar way to Public Domain Torrents that we just told you about. It is a web portal in which a huge amount of perfectly cataloged files are grouped.

Internet Archive was born as a non-profit initiative to preserve public content that has been digitized to prevent it from disappearing in the immense sea of ​​Internet archives offering universal access to culture.

Under this premise, this portal has been collecting over 3 million movies and videos, 4 million audios and music, 1 million photos, 100,000 software programs and more than 11 million ebooks and public documents of all types that you can download using this portal. free and legal torrents from their website.

Among the list of content that is offered on this website is the collection of George Blood that has digitized 30,000 vinyl records from 1898 to 1950. Actions such as this is what makes Internet Archive one of the best legal websites to download torrents free in 2018.


4. Legit Torrents

Legit Torrents is a portal where you will find more than 3,700 legal torrent files to download music, movies, ebooks, games and free software.

All the content that you will find in this torrent search engine is totally legal since it has a Creative commons license or it has been created through free and free software.

It is possible that Legit Torrent does not get any prize for the design of its page, but it has a very effective search bar with which you can find download torrents by categories or by name.


5. BitLove

If you like podcasts, BitLove is going to love you. On this page you will find a variety of podcasts, audio files and video content that you can download from your torrent client legally.

This torrent search engine allows you to easily find podcast content in audio and video classified by language. Which will be very useful if you are learning it since you can download the torrent file from your P2P client or play it directly from the web.

You can also use the BitLove platform to spread your own content and share it with other users by uploading your torrent file to the platform.


6. Etree

Do you like live music? Etree puts a whole collection of concerts just a click away from you.

All the live music that you will find in Etree is licensed for public use and even many of the concerts that you can download from Etree have been shared by the bands and artists that participate.

As for the variety of music, it is truly a melting pot of styles where you can both find concerts from a long time ago, as well as a performance last weekend.

Etree is presented as a platform that groups and artists can use to disseminate their work and encourage their audience to go to concerts. In Etree you can download music with exceptional quality since many of them are in FLAC format.


7. Linux Tracker

One of the main uses that are given to P2P networks is the download of the ISO files that contain the distributions of the different GNU / Linux operating systems.

Through this P2P protocol, users can download the torrent file from the official distribution page in order to download the distro file more quickly, which can weigh several gigabytes.

Linux Tracker puts the focus precisely in this sector and offers a torrent search engine for the ISO images of installation of the majority of distros of the market, including the previous versions that are no longer available from their official pages.

The only drawback of this GNU / Linux distros torrent repository is that, when you load the page for the first time, it asks you for permission to use part of the power of your computer to mine cryptocurrency to cover maintenance costs. Note that if you do not accept it you can use the search engine anyway. So they do it in good faith and the notice is appreciated.


8. Academic Torrents

P2P networks are widely integrated into academic environments. There researchers and disseminators can share large documents quickly and easily.

Academic Torrent acts as a logistics center to find all kinds of scientific documents, courses or information on a specific topic. With a capacity of 25.65 TB of capacity, this is one of the most extensive academic HUBs in terms of content.

From your search menu you will find all the classified content in several sections depending on their nature, or write directly the topic in the search bar to directly access all the content related to that topic.

As it happens in other websites to download torrents legal and free, you can also upload your torrents to share your own content with other users.


9. Vodo

VODO is the most Indie you’ll find in what websites to download legal torrents. This page hosts torrents with which you can see and download videos and movies legally since more than 200 creators have given them in a disinterested way and many more continue doing it day after day.On this page you will find torrents to view and download animation short films, independent short films and even large format films from independent creators. Some of these pieces include the creator’s website or a donation link with which, if you want, you can contribute a small amount of money to that creator to continue with his work.

To be able to use this platform it is necessary to create a user account, a process that will not take more than a couple of minutes and that will give you access to all the content of the web.



The video game industry is one of the most affected by content piracy. It forces the closure of websites from which to download free torrents. However, not all the games available are proprietary. And there are a good number of free software games that you can download and with all the guarantees of legality.

On you can download free and royalty-free games of all kinds. From turn-based strategy games like Total War, chess or first-person shooters like S.T.A.L.K.E.R or Counter-Strike.

On this page you can also find torrent files to download mods, patches and new textures for games such as Crysis 1, Thief 2X, Resident Evil 4 and many more. That way, you can expand and improve the game experience in those titles you already have.

It is clear that the people in charge of do not put a great effort in the aesthetic design of the web, but at the functional level everything you look for you will find it thanks to its advanced search bar that shows you effectively all the related content with your search A page to keep in mind if you are looking for torrents to download games.



.TORRENT related extensions



How to Open Torrent Files

  1. First, find your .TORRENT file in your computer or mobile device.
  2. Then, you must double click on it if you are using a desktop computer, or tap on it with a mobile device.
  3. A drop down menu will appear with a list of programs to open with.
  4. Select one of the programs recommended above: Bittorrent
  5. Confirm.
  6. Wait the software to launch.
  7. View the format.
  8. Save it if you want to keep it.


How to convert a TORRENT File

We don’t have any information about TORRENT conversion to other formats or an online converter.


Problems opening TORRENT Files: Can’t open?

If you experience problems opening it, windows raises a message: “Microsoft Windows can’t open this file

Ensure you follow the next tips:

  1. Ensure the extension .torrent  is properly associated with the software when you double click on the file.
  2. Check that you have installed at least one of the programs need to manage these files.
  3. Update the program to get the last version.
  4. Ensure you have all the computer privileges, you are admin or you have all needed privileges.


About .TORRENT extension

In we explain yo what is a file with the .TORRENT suffix, how to edit, view, open and convert it.

The bit torrent format can be opened with the programs above in windows, mac and linux.

Contact us through the contact page if you have additional information, comment or need help about the TORRENT File or software related.

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