How to Open a WEBP File format – Programs, How to view and convert online


What is a web pictures file? Opening WEBP Files? If you have a File with the .WEBP Extension you need specific programs that can open, edit, view and convert this format type. Specific software like an editor, viewer or reader.



What is a WebP file and programs to open it?

 Does your computer deny to open a WebP file, do you know about what is it?


The format was developed by Google. It is a format of image file aiming to offer the users smaller file sizes so that they store digital images and graphics. It was created to share an image and make photos faster on the web. It was easier and efficient for users.

The WebP files stored data includes vector images, digital graphics, photos, and metadata details.  This format allows users to store photos and digital images in lossless formats. Using Adobe Photoshop. WebP files can open, and this is a photo editing and image development application. Google Chrome is used to view and open the graphics stored in these files.

A WEBP file refers to an image saved in the image format. It is developed for web graphics by Google. This format decreases the size of the file than its standard JPEG file compression, though the image quality is retained. It includes transparency as an alpha channel, the same as the.PNG.



About the .WebP format

The format is based on a technology by On2 Technologies. Google acquired it in 2009. This format was introduced in 2010. The WebP files, as in 2019, receive full support from most web browsers, except for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.


Programs that open WEBP Files

There are also other editors that can save and open these files format:


Note: Microsoft Photos do not identify image files having a “. WebP” extension. Thus, with Microsoft Photos, it is possible to open a WebP image file by merely changing to “.jpg.”  as the file extension.


How to Open a .WebP files extension?

This format is royalty-free. Google developed it. It was integrated into applications and software that you already have on the computer. Most web browsers have required a plugin to handle the format.


WebP images are indistinguishable and designed for the web from JPEG and PNG. This is the reason you do not notice that you are looking at.  You can save to your computer a WebP image as you do on the internet, any other image. You can do it  by right-clicking the image and clicking on it “Save Image As.”



Choose on your computer a destination, then click “Save.”

  • If you have Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Opera, just double-click the image, and it will open in default browser to view.


How to convert to JPG in Windows

You can convert a .WebP to JPG  using programs.

This converter is a great option. You can download it here.


How to delete, is it safe?

You can delete WEBP files as they are images and it is safe to remove them for your system. However you should backup first.


Problems opening WEBP Files: Can’t open

If you experience problems opening it, windows raises a message: “Microsoft Windows can’t open this file

Ensure you follow the next tips:

  1. Ensure the webp extension is properly associated with the software when you double click on the file.
  2. Check that you have installed at least one of the programs need to manage these files.
  3. Update the program to get the last version.
  4. Ensure you have all the computer privileges, you are admin or you have all needed privileges.


About .WEBP extension

In we explain what is a file with the .webp suffix, how to edit, view, open and convert it.

The web graphics files format can be opened with the programs above in windows, mac and linux.

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